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About Society 77

Our Story

Society 77 was established in 2018, by a community leader that saw the need to bring enlightenment to humanity in the form of fashion, art, advocacy, and awareness in the diabetes community. As an active diabetes community leader for the last decade, the time to represent purpose and transformation has come. The lifelong dream of pursuing a brand that will cater to individuals in need of symbolism to promote peace, love, and happiness, is well on its way.

Behind The Brand of Society 77 

Brandon A. Denson was born and raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He has always had a passion to stand out and be different, which has come easy to him. From an early age, Brandon knew that he was destined to help, motivate, and impact others. Weird, strange and unusual were normal for Brandon, which allows him to think outside of the box. As Brandon grows with every step in life, he continues to create, motivate and inspire.

Brandon believes that each and every day we have an opportunity to make ourselves better than the day before but most importantly to impact those around us. Be patient and enjoy the process. Create a life you love.

Peace, Love, and Happiness!